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Our friendly, professional commercial cleaners are put through our training program before ever coming to your site. All of our professional cleaners wear uniforms and ID badges to help ensure your property is not only cleaned but remains safe and secure.


We offer office cleaning services in the Tyler area for large or small commercial buildings. Does your office need a nightly or weekly janitorial cleaning service? We can schedule and create a maintenance program that is designed with your budget and professional cleaning needs in mind.

We can provide general cleaning "one offs" or full service janitorial cleaning for your business. From work desks and cabinets to those troubling light fixtures and high areas and ceilings in your office that are an eye sore when collecting spider webs, we can keep every area of your office space clean. With our maintenance programs, we can setup periodic cleanings to that fit your business' schedule and provide cleanups when you need them.


  • Surface Cleaning - Dirt, dander, hair, etc, is constantly being blown around inside our buildings and can affect the breathing of your employees and customers. Our janitors can address this issue by cleaning all your office surface, even your windows. You can be sure that we will sanitize it so your office will be clean and safe for all.
  • Restroom CleaningThe Restroom is by far the most sensitive place to clean. If left unattended, it will become unbearable for most people to use. We offer restroom cleaning services to keep everyone in the office happy.  Never get embarrassed by a customer asking to use a stinky restroom again.
  • Trash RemovalNo one likes to take trash out, so it ends up not getting done and your office begins to get odor as a result.  We can help you take out all your trash on a regular basis and keep your office and facilities odor free!
  • Window Cleaning - Keep your employees happy by giving them a great view outside with our streak free solution.
  • Kitchen CleaningYour kitchen is often the most used area in your office. Cleaning Tyler will handle all your kitchen cleaning needs for you. Our janitors are all trained to clean and sanitize kitchens, and we use the proper chemicals for stainless steel, granite etc. Don't let a messy kitchen bring down employee moral!


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