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Are you searching for a contractor that can provide you with outstanding post construction cleaning services?  Do you enjoy companies that get your bids back on time and stick to their bids? If so, look no further than our experienced team.

As a fully insured, licensed, and bonded team with 55 years of experience in the construction cleaning industry, our Tyler based cleaning specialists are prepared to remove the dirt, dust, and debris that can result from a construction job as well as handling the detailed work as well.


Our employees understand that with the tasks of everyday work life, it can be stressful to have to worry about the clean-up that follows a construction job. When an individual hires our company, we make it our top priority to handle the post-construction clean up, so that the general contractor can continue on with their everyday responsibilities. For over 55 years Cleaning Tyler has performed quality services and workmanship and we continue to deliver some of the most satisfactory results in the Dallas Fort worth and surrounding areas.

Construction work can create a buildup of dust, which can in turn lead to a mess, unfavorable odor, and an uncomfortable living environment. Post-construction cleaning is a large task that calls for dedicated workers.  Our commercial cleaning division brings all the cleaning supplies, tools and equipment needed for the job. During final commercial cleanup service our employees bring large HEPA machines to ensure the dust in the air is cleaned at the same time dust on surfaces are being cleaning.

We offer all three stages of cleaning including rough cleans, light cleans and final cleans. Our bids are detailed accurate and rarely require change orders.  Most importantly our professional cleaners show up on time the day you need them and stay until the work is completed.  Whether you need 5 or 50 cleaners on site each day we can meet your needs within a week or less notice.


  • Cleaning Lights - We wipe down all light fixtures, fans etc. during our final cleaning process.
  • Cleaning restrooms -  During light and final clean restrooms are addressed. During light and final cleans every surface is wiped down and the floors are vacuumed and mopped.  During a final clean all metal is polished, mirrors are cleaned and every toilet looks as if it just got dropped off the truck (minus the dust!).
  • Cleaning interior glass - All stickers are removed during a light clean and a quick wipe down is done. During a final clean every nook and cranny of the panes are addressed and we try to always clean windows in the morning during the best light.  Please note that exterior windows are typically not in our bids unless specified.  Our bids never include blinds but they can be added as a change order at any time.
  • Vacuuming and spot treating carpets - When your client moves in your floors will be perfect when using our services. Even if you have a sub spill glue on the carpet or a painter track in paint or and electrician scratch up some VCT.  Our company specializes in floor care.  We have truckmount units for carpets and upholstery and industrial floor polishing machines.
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors - this is performed during light and final cleanings.
  • Wiping walls and ceilings - performed during a final commercial cleaning.  We use large industrial HEPA machines during our final cleans to help reduce any post settling of dust.
  • Cleaning fixtures - Regardless of the use of the building be it retail, medical, university or a restaurant.  We have the experience to clean any sort of fixtures present.  We can even properly clean fixtures in "clean rooms" and non-static environments.
  • Dusting Air Diffusers - Air diffusers do not have a high impact on indoor air quality but they sure do look ugly when dirty. An owner who sees dirty diffusers will assume the air ducts and well... everything else is dirty. A quick cleaning of diffusers in a building can go a long way in end user perception.
  • Air duct cleaning - Rarely needed on post construction cleanups but if you do need this service we are there to help.


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