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Keeping your restaurant clean increases repeat business and keeps the health inspector happy. Removing grime, food and of course grease leaves less for pests to eat and decreases pest control costs. Bottom line, choosing the right cleaning service company is an important choice for any restaurant wishing to succeed.


Getting your cook and wait staff to deep clean your restaurant properly and efficiently is a painful task for any restaurant manager. Let us take that headache from you and let you see how much happier you and your employees are when they don't have to dread the deep clean day.  We can bring in a crew of 5 to 20 and knock out what would take your employees weeks or months to clean in just a night or two, all done after your working hours! 

For over 55 years, we have been the most recommended cleaning company, specializing in restaurants in the Dallas Fort Worth and Tyler areas. We offer packages to fit your budget including front of the house and back of the house.   Our power  washing teams can also address your exterior needs as well. Our company offers "one off" services as well as on-going maintenance programs. 


  • Commercial Kitchen hood cleaning- Restaurant hood cleaning should include every part of your entire exhaust system, and  everything should be cleaned down to the bare metal. We have the experience, expertise and proper equipment to professionally clean your entire hood exhaust system. Your Dallas Fort Worth and Tyler area restaurant's hoods will not only be cleaned, but will be polished inside and out.
  • Commercial range cleaning -  During light and final clean restrooms are addressed. During light and final cleans every surface is wiped down and the floors are vacuumed and mopped.  During a final clean all metal is polished, mirrors are cleaned and every toilet looks as if it just got dropped off the truck (minus the dust!).
  • Kitchen floor cleaning - No matter how bad it has gotten, we can fix it and we can fix it fast.  Typically there is either too little soap used or too much used without proper neutralizing and rinsing which all leads to build up.  You begin to get footprints that will not go away no matter how hard you scrub.  No only can we clean these difficult kitchen floors but we can provide our clients with the proper instructions and materials so your staff can perform the ongoing maintenance.
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning - We use truck mount steam cleaning units to clean our customers booths and carpets.  Many cleaning companies are not textile cleaners, but we are!  We are East Texas's largest oriental rug and furniture cleaning company and we bring that experience into your restaurant. 
  • Appliance deep cleaning - not only do we pull appliances away from the wall and clean behind, we often take them apart and clean out traps your employees never knew existed.
  • Wiping walls and ceilings - Lets face it, as a restaurant owner/manager you know grease gets on just about everything.  When we clean your surfaces we use a mild degreaser and come back with an acid rinse to ensure that a) the grease is gone and b) no residue is left behind.


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